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Roasting the Perfect Turkey

Roasting Times & Temperatures


(For an unstuffed bird)

Your turkey will be done when the thermometer reaches 160°F in the white meat.

Begin checking one hour before the end of the recommended roasting time to check readiness.  We recommend that the stuffing/dressing be cooked on the side. 
This makes cooking a juicy bird easier to monitor.


Make sure when you insert the thermometer that it goes into the meat and not the cavity of the bird.


(Read the directions completely before you start cooking)

  1. Allow 11 minutes a pound for approximate cooking time. (for X-large birds 13 min. a lb)
  2. Allow the turkey to rest for 1 hour and come to room temperature before cooking. 
  3. Pre-heat the oven at 450°F. 
  4. Cook for ½ hour at 450°F and reduce heat to 350°F and continue cooking.
  5. Using a pastry brush, baste the bird with the wine and butter mixture every half-hour.  Frequent basting will help ensure a moist bird.
  6. If the turkey drippings begin to fill the pan, remove them and save for the gravy.
  7. With 45 minutes of cooking time remaining, 60 minutes for birds 16 lbs and larger, remove the cheesecloth and foil, baste the bird and return it to the oven.  This will allow the bird to brown.
  8. Check the temperature.  Remove from the oven when the bird registers 160°F in the white meat on a meat thermometer (insert the thermometer into the meat 2” being careful to avoid any air pockets or the breast cavity)
  9. Remove the bird to your platter and let it sit for 20-30 minutes before carving.  The residual heat will continue to cook the bird
  10. Save the pan juices for the gravy.

Making Gravy

Make some turkey stock using the giblets, carrots celery, onions, herbs and seasoning or buy some chicken stock.  In a saucepan, heat turkey pan drippings and to thicken the gravy, whisk in flour (you can use a mixture of corn starch with a little water) until well blended.  Whisk thoroughly to avoid lumps; let cook until light brown.  Whisk in stock and simmer, mixing continuously for at least 15 minutes. 

All ovens and thermometers are not always created equal, we can’t be held responsible!

Refrigerate everything over night

It’s best to remove items from refrigeration at least 30-40 minutes before re-heating.


Soup & Gravy

 Simmer on low for 10-15  minutes, stirring frequently

Hot gravy will warm up your sliced turkey. You can also add  your turkey dripping for a thinner gravy.



Sides & Veggies


Green Beans w/ Orange Zest,  Quinoa Pilaf

Reheat: add 1-2 oz of water per pound and cook covered over

medium heat on the stovetop 2-4 minutes,

(this will change the color of the green beans )

 or Microwave for 2-3 minutes (this will keep the color)



Brussel Sprouts & Roasted Cauliflower

In the oven for 10-15 minutes uncovered in a hot oven

Mac & Cheese & Spinach full trays 40-50min.

(covered for 35 minutes and uncover for last 10)

(If you like you can transfer the spinach into your own pyrex pan & reheat)



Mashed Potatoes (add a little milk when re-heating) or microwave

Sweet Potatoes,

Tuscan Bread & Sausage Stuffing

Corn Bread Stuffing,

In the oven@ 350ºF for 25-35 minutes covered. 

Increase cooking time for larger quantities. Also increase time if you oven is full.

These items can also go in the microwave in microwave safe pan.



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